Welcome to the Public UT2004 Redirect!

This is a courtesy service offered by SgtMuffin in keeping a searchable repository of Unreal Tournament 2004 files available to the public. This server can be used for hosting downloads for your own server, but it is recommended you set up a free Llama Punter Network account and get a hybrid redirect server. Hybrid redirect is cool because by default it serves content from here BUT you can upload your own versions if we have a file that mismatches. The hybrid will serve a file from your uploads before it serves a file from ours. Read more about it here.

The files are stored in Unreal Zip Format (uz2) which is the format used by a redirect server. You can unzip these using tools (most do not work on modern versions of windows) or you can use the simple ucc method (command-line). Learn more about that here.

PROTIP: If you are attempting to rebuild the files needed for a map, we recommend downloading the UT Dependency Checker You can feed it a system file or map and it will tell the names of files it is asking for that is not part of the standard UT2004 installation.

Live Decompress is back! You can now download the ORIGINAL file (decompressed) from our server. Next to each file there is a decompress option. Do not link to it as the files are temporary and urls change constantly. Thanks to Decko[HOBO] for helping get this working again. We did this with zlib directly, not a copy of ut2004 running on our server.

Add a file to our redirect! (150MB file limit)

File must be in uz2 format. Try this tool for a GUI to compress.

Click Here to load the complete file list. FYI the file is 15MB of just text, so be ready!
File Name File Type Size Download Link
AS-PWC-ArcticCanyon2008-V2.ut2.uz2 Map File 13.09MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ArcticCanyon2008.ut2.uz2 Map File 13.10MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-AwesomeMapGreatJob-[Amazing].ut2.uz2 Map File 5.69MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-AwesomeMapGreatJob.ut2.uz2 Map File 6.21MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-BumperBots-SE.ut2.uz2 Map File 1.23MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-BumperBots.ut2.uz2 Map File 1.29MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-BumperCarz-HD.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.52MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CommandAndMario-GOLD.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.57MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CommandAndMario-UC.ut2.uz2 Map File 6.12MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CommandAndMario-V2.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.49MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CommandAndMario-V2a.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.57MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CommandAndMario-XMAS08.ut2.uz2 Map File 14.23MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CommandAndMario.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.67MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CommandAndMario[MMP].ut2.uz2 Map File 5.57MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-CrazyRace[Deluxe].ut2.uz2 Map File 11.26MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-DUST-Deluxe.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.58MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-DUST-Final.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.37MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-DUST.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.57MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-DUSTv2.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.37MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-Dust2008-v2.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.38MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-Dust2008.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.39MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ExcessiveBenders(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 7.34MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ExcessiveBenders-SE2.ut2.uz2 Map File 7.41MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ExcessiveBenders.ut2.uz2 Map File 6.89MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ExcessiveBenders2.ut2.uz2 Map File 7.92MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-FenderBenders[Zap]beta.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.67MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-Fortress(BETA).ut2.uz2 Map File 3.19MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-FortressAttack.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.38MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-GrassValley.ut2.uz2 Map File 4.04MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellBenderRace-XMAS.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.17MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellBenderRace-XMAS08.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.05MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 2.49MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.66MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2-XMAS.ut2.uz2 Map File 11.09MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2.ut2.uz2 Map File 9.57MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2[Deluxe].ut2.uz2 Map File 10.70MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2[Hardcore].ut2.uz2 Map File 1.71MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2[Retro].ut2.uz2 Map File 8.60MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2a.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.71MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2b.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.51MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2e(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 9.33MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace2e.ut2.uz2 Map File 9.33MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace3(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 8.19MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace3.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.37MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace64.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.25MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRaceV.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.66MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace[Hardcore].ut2.uz2 Map File 2.49MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-HellbenderRace[Twitty].ut2.uz2 Map File 21.27MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-IslandRaceway(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 2.18MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-IslandRaceway.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.52MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-Magma.ut2.uz2 Map File 11.54MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-Mario64Trials-Beta1.ut2.uz2 Map File 469.05KB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-MushroomKingdom_Wii.ut2.uz2 Map File 14.08MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-PharaoRaceway[Deluxe].ut2.uz2 Map File 3.14MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-RaceOfMadness(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 4.35MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-RaceOfMadness.ut2.uz2 Map File 4.56MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-RaceOfSaget[Retro].ut2.uz2 Map File 3.37MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ScorpionCoaster(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 3.96MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ScorpionCoaster-Revisited.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.35MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ScorpionCoaster.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.96MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ScorpionCoaster[MMP].ut2.uz2 Map File 3.96MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-ScorpionRace[Night].ut2.uz2 Map File 1.06MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-SnowValley2006-SE.ut2.uz2 Map File 6.36MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TREK-[Overkill].ut2.uz2 Map File 5.93MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TREK.ut2.uz2 Map File 6.01MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TheGreatRace(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 5.20MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TheGreatRace.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.33MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TheGreatRace[Deluxe].ut2.uz2 Map File 19.13MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TheOffice.ut2.uz2 Map File 8.11MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TheOfficeXmas.ut2.uz2 Map File 14.15MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-TheOfficeXmas2008.ut2.uz2 Map File 14.07MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-Topia[Race].ut2.uz2 Map File 326.43KB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-VehicleSkill(Trial).ut2.uz2 Map File 2.57MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-VehicleSkillTrial-LE.ut2.uz2 Map File 128.00KB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-VehicleSkillTrial.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.85MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-WaffleFactory-FINAL.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.91MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-WaffleFactory-v2.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.90MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-WaffleFactory-v4.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.91MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-WaffleFactory.ut2.uz2 Map File 4.13MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-WaffleFactory_V2b.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.91MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-WarMachines(Race).ut2.uz2 Map File 2.94MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-PWC-WarMachines.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.10MB .UZ2 Decompress
AS-U4V-SmallQuest-V10B-PWCPatch.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.92MB .UZ2 Decompress
Con-PWC-GrassValley.ut2.uz2 Map File 4.04MB .UZ2 Decompress
Con-PWC-SnowValley2006-SE.ut2.uz2 Map File 6.36MB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-Arena[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 753.16KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-BlastBall[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 7.00MB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-Circles[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 358.03KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-FullMoon[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 1.53MB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-Gym_Classic[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 247.96KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-HellsDungeon[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 106.98KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-MediEVIL[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 453.71KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-PWC-Arena.ut2.uz2 Map File 753.16KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-PWC-BlastBall.ut2.uz2 Map File 7.00MB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-PWC-Circles.ut2.uz2 Map File 358.03KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-PWC-FullMoon.ut2.uz2 Map File 1.53MB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-PWC-Gym_Classic.ut2.uz2 Map File 247.96KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-PWC-HellsDungeon.ut2.uz2 Map File 106.98KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-PWC-MediEVIL.ut2.uz2 Map File 453.71KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-SubDivisions[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 103.10KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-TheUltimateShowdown[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 114.67KB .UZ2 Decompress
DoB-Toxica[PWC].ut2.uz2 Map File 3.43MB .UZ2 Decompress
FHI-BOSS-PWC-Venturo.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.10MB .UZ2 Decompress
FHI-PWC-StingerRapeParty-SE.ut2.uz2 Map File 77.23KB .UZ2 Decompress
FHI-PWCArena.ut2.uz2 Map File 143.22KB .UZ2 Decompress
OLDZ-PWC-AwesomeMapGreatJob.ut2.uz2 Map File 5.86MB .UZ2 Decompress
OLDZ-pwc-wafflefactory.ut2.uz2 Map File 3.78MB .UZ2 Decompress
PWC-GoldSoundPack(Optional).u.uz2 System File 63.02MB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCAssault.u.uz2 System File 1.08KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCBTimesStore.u.uz2 System File 111.88KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCBTimesStorePatch1.utx.uz2 Texture File 69.64KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCDoB-GFX.utx.uz2 Texture File 930.64KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCDoB-SM.usx.uz2 Static Meshes 37.38KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCDodgeball.u.uz2 System File 134.33KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCDodgeballFix.u.uz2 System File 13.54KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCEmitters.u.uz2 System File 67.88KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCFHI.u.uz2 System File 696 bytes .UZ2 Decompress
PWCLogo2.u.uz2 System File 34.79KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCLogo8.u.uz2 System File 8.12KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCPreviews.u.uz2 System File 1.70MB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCTrailers.u.uz2 System File 38.11KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCVehicleTex.utx.uz2 Texture File 100.60KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCVehicles.ukx.uz2 Animation File 1,014.16KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWCZounds2020.u.uz2 System File 13.72MB .UZ2 Decompress
PWC_Constructor.u.uz2 System File 1.09KB .UZ2 Decompress
PWC_Server_Enhancements.u.uz2 System File 165.53KB .UZ2 Decompress
RACE-PWC-HellbenderRace2-XMAS[C].ut2.uz2 Map File 4.87MB .UZ2 Decompress
RACE-PWC-HellbenderRace2-XMAS[F][R3][I].ut2.uz2 Map File 4.45MB .UZ2 Decompress
RACE-PWC-TheGreatRace[C].ut2.uz2 Map File 9.12MB .UZ2 Decompress
RACE-PWC-TheGreatRace[R3][I3].ut2.uz2 Map File 8.87MB .UZ2 Decompress
RACE-PWC-VehicleSkillsTrials(LDG).ut2.uz2 Map File 1.80MB .UZ2 Decompress
TR_PWC_LlamaPunter_R1.u.uz2 System File 114.67KB .UZ2 Decompress
UT04PWCTrialGame.u.uz2 System File 7.03KB .UZ2 Decompress
WM-PWC-BlastBall.ut2.uz2 Map File 7.00MB .UZ2 Decompress
WM-PWC-Helvena.ut2.uz2 Map File 2.33MB .UZ2 Decompress
WM-PWC-KnockersParadise.ut2.uz2 Map File 183.38KB .UZ2 Decompress
WM-PWC-LegoTowers.ut2.uz2 Map File 278.79KB .UZ2 Decompress
WM-PWC-MarioCastle.ut2.uz2 Map File 1.27MB .UZ2 Decompress
WM-PWC-TropicalTorture.ut2.uz2 Map File 60.91KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwc2010.u.uz2 System File 1.03MB .UZ2 Decompress
pwcastrials.u.uz2 System File 1.09KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwclogo.u.uz2 System File 32.73KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwclogopack2011.u.uz2 System File 35.45KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwcpacked1.u.uz2 System File 128.11KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwcpluginpack.u.uz2 System File 3.49MB .UZ2 Decompress
pwcserverlogo6.u.uz2 System File 19.29KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwcsoundpack2011.u.uz2 System File 608.95KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwcspring2012.u.uz2 System File 81.26KB .UZ2 Decompress
pwcsquarelogo.u.uz2 System File 60.22KB .UZ2 Decompress
season_greatings_from_PWC.u.uz2 System File 5.44MB .UZ2 Decompress
150 files. 692.79MB Compressed. 4.23GB Uncompressed (estimated).

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